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On this page, you will find the complete changelog of Universal ADB Driver through different versions.

v6.0 Changelog

  1. Minor UI Change
  2. Added Support to the latest LG, Nokia, Huawei, HTC devices
  3. Supports Samsung devices upto Note 9/Galaxy S9+

v5.0 Changelog

  1. UI Change
  2. Added support to Vivo, Itel, Infinity, Wiko, Kimfly devices
  3. Supports Samsung devices upto Note 8

v4.0 Changelog

  1. Device Manager Button Added.
  2. Minor UI Change.
  3. Supports all the new Lenovo Smartphones.
  4. Supports all the Samsung Devices.

v3.0 Changelog

  1. Minor UI Change.
  2. Icon Overlapping Fixed.
  3. New Icons.
  4. Supports all Lyf Smartphones.
  5. Supports all Coolpad Devices.

v2.0 Changelog

  1. ADB Version: 11.0.0000.
  2. Refresh Button Added.
  3. Wrong Operating System Error Fixed (for Win10 users).
  4. Supports all Nokia Devices (android).
  5. Supports all Sony Xperia Devices including Xperia Smartwatch.
  6. Supports all Amazon Devices.

v1.0 Changelog

  1. ADB Version: 4.0.0000.
  2. Supports all Samsung & HTC devices.
  3. Supports all Lenovo, Huawei Devices.
  4. Supports all Micromax, Spice, Xolo, Lava Devices.

Readme Once:

[*] Known bugs: Universal ADB Driver v1.0 does not detect the device if the device is added after starting the Universal ADB Driver Setup. This error is fixed in v2.0 through the refresh button.

[*] Next Update: As Universal ADB Driver is based on Google ADB Driver, so there will be no update till Google releases any. But, we will try to release the next version with improved GUI.

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